If you want to succeed in your journey as a trader...

Learning to take profits and correct mistakes will help you to improve your trading.

The 20-minute trader.

That was the name I was given in the early 1990s.

I had clung to the general notion in the professional trading community that you didn’t trade the opening.

It was a universal law.

But I decided to go against that notion.

I remember the day as if it happened yesterday, I noticed an opportunity on the opening and made my move.

I was in charge of a large account, and I made a huge profit.

I had to answer in front of the firm, give my explanations, but these were happy explanations because I had made a lot of money for the firm.

From that moment on I started to specialize in the opening and that gave me a reputation in the industry.

A few years later I retired from the firm I worked for and created my own.

All the professional firms wanted me to teach their traders how to trade the open and I traveled the world taking this training to many places which at that time cost $25,000 USD and was called Trade the Open like a Boss.

Since then, a lot has happened, but it is clear to me that the decision I made that day when I took the risk and traded the opening changed everything for me.

The moment I dared to challenge the status quo and what was normal, was a pivot in my life and gave a new direction to my career.

If I had not done it, I would have been just like any other trader.

There are pivotal moments in every person’s life.

This is one of those moments that can turn your story around.

The Live Trading Camp is a live trading event that has the potential to change your life.

None of the events I do beats this one. Get ready for one of the best training programs of your life as a Trader.

With the Live Trading Camp Online you receive:

L Oliver Velez's exact strategy to trade the opening of the market which you can implement into your trading immediately.

Two days of live online learning to acquire the tactics and techniques to handle the market volatility in the first 20 minutes and earn your day.

A live online trading day where you will have Oliver trading live and explaining step by step each of his moves.

Practice live for 10 consecutive Mondays, you will be trading live from your home with Oliver's guidance.

For 3 days (April the 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2022) I will be sharing my deepest knowledge, my strategy and all my secrets to trade the first 20 minutes of the market.

We will trade live together and spend the following weeks refining our trading skills.

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Do you want to know what you can achieve with the program Live Trading Camp Online? (April the 23rd, 24th and 25th of 2022)

You can change your trading completely with a practical, easy to understand methodology and key tools that will make your life as a trader easier.

Braulio Bustos - Ecuador

Live Trading Camp program

You can specialize in the opening the market to earn your day in just 30 minutes.

Daniel Martínez - Colombian living in Spain

Live Trading Camp program

You quickly acquire trading knowledge by connecting from anywhere in the world.

Gunjan Gautam -India

Live Trading Camp program

You learn each of the tactics and strategies to trade the opening of the market.

Frank Contreras

Live Trading Camp program

Live Trading Camp Online 

Until April 18th, you can access to this training for only 

$1500 $997

I want to trade the opening of the market as Oliver and with a super special discount.

The completely live training that leads you to specialize in the opening of the market in a professional way with the unique strategy and unrivalled experience of Oliver Velez.

Two live theory sessions where Oliver Velez teaches all the fundamentals and techniques required to operate the opening.

10 live trading sessions, one session per week, where you will trade in real time with Oliver Velez.

In all sessions there will be an analysis of each play so that you can understand in a practical way how to apply the strategy in the correct way.

In each session you will learn different market opening techniques.

You receive training for two and a half months that will boost your trading.

Make profits on a daily basis and learn how to trade the open.

 Become a professional trader and have the freedom you want.

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Live Trading Camp Online 


April the 23rd, 24th and 25th of 2022

Today you can access to this training for only

$1500 $997

Do you have any questions? We will solve it!

Of course, you can. The information I share with you is given in a simple and clear way that will allow you to move forward in your process with a new perspective of day-trading applied to the first 20 minutes of the market.

No. Neither the platform nor the trading account are included in this program.

No, it is a event to be live, taking advantage of Oliver and his strategy. The 10 additional Mondays are recorded in case you are working.

We cannot give you a refund, but we can postpone it for one time only for the next online event. To request the postponement, you must contact a member of the team two days before the event and officially request it.

Yes, you can, of course you can. We just recommend that if you don’t know anything about the stock market then don’t start with this event. Start with the self start program.

The event will be held in its original language which is English and will be translated simultaneously into Spanish and Portuguese, at no additional cost for the translation.

Yes, the 10 practice sessions after the event are recorded and you will have access to them for 2 years.

You can pay by credit card, wire transfer and deposit.

Yes, you can contact us directly through the following whatsapp numbers: +573127952251 y +573057261926

We receive BTC, ETH and USDT

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