I started trading in 1981. In 1986, my professional trading career began. I spent around 5 very difficult years to achieve consistency, I can say that they were the most difficult years of my entire life. Back then there were no mentors, no seminars. There were very few books, or content that a developing trader could get or follow. You had to be hired by a major Wall Street firm or you had to learn by trial and error like I did. This process cost me a lot of time, money, even my own family to accomplish. But I succeeded and even then it was only until 1994 that I began to teach professional traders my method. I was one of the first teachers in the trading industry. I broke the rules of those times because the unwritten law was: «keep everything private and secret.»


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Money Is Like The Fruit From The Trees, The Work Begins As A Seed And Under The Earth Without Anyone Seeing It, After That The Best Experiences That Will Lead You To Be Great And Successful.


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Complete Trader Program


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  • On-Demand Course
  • Live Study Sessions With Oliver Velez
  • Training Video Bank
  • iFT'sLive Trading Room
  • Access To The Private Facebook Community


Dow Jones called me the Messiah of Trading for my contribution to the industry.


Today, after 33 years of experience, I have made it my life’s mission to bring Wall Street to Main Street. This is why I am dedicated to bringing the Gospel of trading to my people. Historically, Latin America has been left out of the stock market world. They have been denied access and financial education, they have simply given the bare minimum to this region. That is why today I am focused on developing this region of the world and opening the doors of the world of trading, of investments in the stock market, to the people I love. My Latino community.


  • Writer of 5 Best Seller Trading Books
  • More than 35 years as a Professional Trader
  • Honored by NASDAQ in New York in 2020
  • Speaker at Money Show, the most important event in the trading industry
  • Founder of IfundTraders, the School for Professional Traders.


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