The company’s most popular starting place for most burgeoning traders

IFT’s Complete Trader Trading™ Program has a very robust educational component. This program was specifically designed to teach the trader every single trading tactic and strategy utilized by Oliver Velez in the market, making it far more complete than its predecessor program.

The company’s most popular starting place for most burgeoning traderss!

IFT’s Complete Trader Trading™ Program has a very robust educational component. This program was specifically designed to teach the trader every single trading tactic and strategy utilized by Oliver Velez in the market, making it far more complete than its predecessor program.

The Complete Trader Trading™ Program is perfect for those who are serious about trading and mentally ready to learn from Oliver Velez everything he relies on and everything he believes a trader needs to be truly successful, without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Complete Trader™ allows for a trader who has successfully completed the training to receive his first level of seed funding up to a maximum of $500,000 for Equity and $750,000 for Forex and earn 40% of all profits earned on that account, payable monthly.

It should be noted that the Complete Trader Trading™ Program, while being a mid-level level one, is still not designed or meant to be the final resting place for the trader. It is where the trader will take his educational knowledge of proper trading to a much higher, more complete level. However, once a high level of consistent profitability has been regularly maintained over a period of time, and a good number of solid paychecks have been earned by the trader, he/she can move to the next level, which will reward the trader with higher buying power and payout amounts. The time needed for this to occur depends on the trader and will be different for each person.

With the Complete Trader Trading Program... you will get

90-Day Simulated Trading Period

This is where the Complete Trader puts his full education into actual practice and starts to build the good habits that form the right foundation for consistently profitable trading.This training period with real-time market data will reveal the trader’s flaws and show what needs to be corrected or eliminated in one’s trading approach. While 90 days is the minimum time required to demonstrate an adequate amount of results, there is no cutoff whatsoever, and a trader may remain in this training stage for however long he/she requires. Much of the Complete Trader growth will be developed and revealed during this training time.The Simulator Trading Period presents one major trading milestone for the trader to pass, a $3,000 net trading profit achieved with good trading statistics. Upon passing this all important milestone, the trader is ready to begin his/her professional trading journey.

Fully Funded Trading Account

This is where every trader wants to get to, the point of live trading. Upon graduation from the Simulator Trading Period (see above), the Trader becomes eligible to trade a fully funded account up to a maximum of $500,000 for Equity and $750,000 for Forex. The Complete Trader will earn 40% on all effective trading gains, payable monthly. Here the trader’s goal is to string together a series of consistently profitable quarters with the real account, demonstrating that he/she is ready for the next step in the professional journey with more capital and an even higher payout rate.

IFT’s Institutional Transaction Fees

All Complete Trader Traders benefit from the firm’s institutional trading and commission rates. Equity Complete Trader trade for 15 cents per every 100 shares traded. A 1,000 share trade would cost $1.50 in commissions. Complete Trader Equity traders also will receive rebates (payments from the exchanges) for placing certain types of specialty trades, another huge benefit for professional traders over retail traders. Complete Trader Forex Traders enjoy some of the tightest pip spreads in the industry and nearly no slippage to speak of.

IFT’s Live Platform and Execution Training Course

In this one day course, the trader will learn how to use and navigate Fusion®, the institutional trading platform used by all of Oliver Velez’ professional traders. The Complete Trader will have unlimited access to this on-demand training course every day, 24-hours a day.

Three full months of Daily Guidance in IFT’s Live Trading Room

Immediate access to the Forex or Equity live trading room, where you will receive daily guidance from the lead moderators and mix and mingle with other traders in the program. Live trading together can be a powerful, nurturing element to one’s development, and the Complete Trader gets free unlimited access during their first 3 months.

Access to Oliver’s Private Facebook Trading Colony

Immediate access to Oliver’s Equity or Forex Trading Colony on Facebook. In this powerful community, the Complete Trader will interact daily with Oliver and other traders. It is where many questions are answered, trades are shared and analyzed, and lifelong friendships at IFT are made.

Oliver Velez’ On-Demand Pro Trading Course

This is the crowning jewel of the Complete Trader Trading Program. This powerful, 8-hour course, delivered by Oliver Velez himself, is complete with hundreds of charts, countless trading examples, useful anecdotes, quizzes and exams to ensure that the trader has been educationally brought up to par with Oliver Velez’ high demands. No tactic or technique used by Mr. Velez in his daily trading is spared. In this course, the trader learns it all. What’s more, it’s delivered in a self-paced, on-demand format which will allow for unlimited access 24-hours a day, 7-day a week.

Live Study Sessions with Oliver Velez

Twice a month, all Complete Trader™ Traders will gather for a full educational session with Oliver Velez to review the past trading period, identify errors, correct mistakes, and revisit core trading tactics and techniques. Sessions are recorded for those who can’t assist the live session. Any time spent with Oliver Velez is potentially life changing for all traders, irrespective of their level.

Video Training Bank

Each Complete Trader Trader™ will have access to a bank of training videos that cover every aspect of the Fusion® Platform and the various types of executions.

Who Can Access This Program?







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Everything is covered in the program, from:

Education Benefits:

  • Identifying the most powerful trading bars and patterns to trade.
  • When and how to exploit them for maxim gains.
  • Which moving averages to use and how to employ them for an extra edge in your trading.
  • The proper use of trailing stops.
  • The art of selling incrementally like a professional.
  • When to buy into sharp declines and when to sell into sharp rallies.
  • What times of day offer the greatest odds of trading success, and which times to avoid like the plague.
  • How to professionally trade breakouts.
  • When to go with gaps in the morning and when to go against them.
  • When a decline is a gift and therefore buyable versus a sign of trouble… and much, much more.





This is the starting point for a Complete Trader trader they start practising and building good habits that will allow them to build up the correct fundamentals of consistent and profitable trading.

This training period is done with real-time market data, it will reveal the biggest trader faults, allowing him to make the changes aimed to strengthen his trading.

90 days is the minimum time required to demonstrate consistent results, but there is no time limit, a trader can stay in this stage of training for as long as he or she requires.

Most of the development of the novice trader will take place within this training period. The simulated trading period raises one main goal: to acquire a net profit of $ 3,000 with good statistics and trading parameters.

Once the trader meets this requirement, he or she will be ready to begin his or her career as a professional trader.


This is the goal of every trader, to trade live. Upon graduation from the simulator training period (see above).

The Complete Trader trader is given the opportunity to trade a 100% funded trading account with a buying power of up to $ 500,000 for Equity.

The Complete Trader will earn 40% of all profits made by trading, payable monthly. The mission after this stage is to demonstrate good statistics with your real account in order to take the next step in your professional career and receive access to more buying power and payout percentage.


All Complete Trader Traders benefit from the firm’s institutional fees and commissions. Complete Trader Equity Traders pay 15 cents commission for every 100 shares traded. A 1,000 share trade would cost $ 1.50 in commissions.

Similarly, they receive rebates (payments from exchanges) for placing certain types of special trade orders, another huge benefit that professional traders have over retail traders.


  • Monthly Fee–Monthly membership fee of $125. This fee covers real-time data, the licensing fee for the Trading Platform (Fusion® for Equity / MT4 for Forex), the IFT monthly membership fee, along with several other small costs.
  • One-time registration and set-up fee A one time registration and set-up fee of $1,697 is due upon sign-up.


  • People who want to know real strategies to start trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Entrepreneurs who enjoy the imdustry and financial investments.
  • Professionals with previous knowledge and wish to empower themselves
  • Students, housewives who wish to get involved in the whole industry of financial investments


Oliver Velez

About Oliver L. Velez is a successful, internationally known author, trader, advisor and entrepreneur, he is one of the most sought-after speakers and teachers when it comes to trading the financial markets for a living.

Tens of millions of traders around the world have assisted to his seminars and speaking engagements

Oliver L. Velez is known internationally for founding and growing Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc; one of the main educational institutions of the country for independent and self-guided traders.


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Complete Trader Program

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  • On-Demand Course
  • Live study sessions with Oliver Velez
  • Training Video Library
  • Ift Live Trading Room
  • Access to the Private Community

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