Oliver velez’s Semi Private Mentorship program is designed exclusively for the most committed of traders. It is the closest one can get to having Oliver’s personalized guidance along every single step of the way, enabling the student to take full advantage and absorb every last bit of his 32 years’ worth of professional trading experience.

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With the Mentorship Program, you will get:

Maximum Mentorship Group Size only 5 to 15 traders

While one-on-one training, coaching and mentoring does have its benefits, studies have proven that small group work (15 members or less) has benefits that go beyond the solo approach. Small group work allows the mentor to provide individualized attention, when needed, and at the same time enables each group member to draw on the strengths and learn from the weaknesses of the others. This is precisely why traders often excel much faster working in small groups than they do in larger ones or working in isolation on their own.

Oliver Velez´ semi-private mentorship uses this effective group theory to elevate the trader to new levels of efficiency and sophistication. Each mentorship group will consist of only 15 traders or less.

Direct one-on-one access to Oliver Velez during the trading day via Skype

A portion of the trader’s individual time with Oliver will be accomplished LIVE via Skype. This will allow for each trader to have direct and almost instant access to Oliver Velez throughout the trading day.
Should a question arise before, after or even during a trade, Oliver is making himself available via Skype to help sort out the answer, to help the trader walk through his present issue, on the spot. This is the next best thing to having Oliver with you throughout your trading day.

To accomplish this, a private Skype Mentorship account will be set up specifically for your mentorship group. Access to this private Skype group will be limited to a maximum of 15 traders.

Personalized trading plan designed by Oliver Velez

One of the essential tools in every successful trader’s arsenal is a sound, trading plan. This plan serves as the trader’s creed, his/her manifesto, if you will. The plan, correctly crafted, consists of a set of key principles that guides each and every action taking during the trading day, and every great trader has one.

Yet, most struggling traders don’t have a plan at all, and many of those who do, have ill-conceived plans that are causing incorrect trading decisions and market actions.Each trader is unique, and requires a plan that is specific to the trader’s temperament, style of play and risk tolerance. Generic plans applied universally to all traders do not work. You need a custom one. Oliver will help design a personalized trading plan for each of his mentorship students, which will serve as a sound blue-print for every market action they take. 

Up to 100% Prop Account Deficit Wipe Out

Oliver believes that those going through his semi-private mentorship program are giving themselves the chance for a brand new start. A new way of thinking, analyzing, studying, reviewing, seeing and doing will be the end result of the sessions taken up with Oliver. To help facilitate this new start, Oliver has authorized the elimination of any and all deficits the trader accumulated during his trading life before the mentorship.

Upon graduation from 8 mentorship sessions, each trader’s prop account will be reset to zero, giving the trader a new beginning, a new start to begin officially applying all that was gained during his semi-private time with Oliver in the mentorship program.

In real life, fresh, new starts are quite rare. When they come, they should be considered one of life’s great gifts. This is one of those gifts.

50% reduction on all future mentorship sessions after the 8th

From time to time, a graduated mentorship student might feel the need to refresh his skills with a few extra mentorship sessions. For all those who have already completed 8 sessions, a 50% discount will be applied to their future mentorship needs. This can be as few as one session, designed to lube the wheels, to as many as another 8 sessions. It’s all up to the needs of each trader.

“Flex Live Trading” Periods with Oliver Velez

The best mentoring consists of two aspects: teaching or advising and doing. Every doctor is required to complete medical school, which is almost entirely academic in nature. Yet, no matter how sophisticated the medical school, the graduates are still not doctors until they complete their residency, which is “on-the-job” training. The residency is the “doing” part of their training, and only after that are they are considered complete doctors.

The same is true for traders. The best training, the part that will make the trader complete, is real live trading. Oliver will trade live, side-by-side with each of his mentorship students. Students will take his selected trades at times and at others Oliver will take the trades selected by the students to be managed together. What’s more, the trader will at times be able to trade beyond the level he is currently at in the prop program, allowing him to “flex” and exercise his growing wings a bit.  


Oliver Velez

About Oliver L. Velez is a successful, internationally known author, trader, advisor and entrepreneur, he is one of the most sought-after speakers and teachers when it comes to trading the financial markets for a living.

Tens of millions of traders around the world have assisted to his seminars and speaking engagements

Oliver L. Velez is known internationally for founding and growing Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc; one of the main educational institutions of the country for independent and self-guided traders.

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2 Week Mentorship

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  • Simulated trading account
  • Training Video Archive
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4 Week Mentorship

$ 3,495
  • Intensive course
  • Simulated trading account
  • Training Video Archive
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1 Year Mentorship

$ 5,497
  • Intensive course
  • Simulated trading account
  • Training Video Archive
  • Profits, starting with an 80/20 ratio in favor of the trader
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